SMS Schimmer specialises in the production of precision aluminium extrusions and a large range of surface finishing. Our experienced productionpersonnel manage the entire extrusion process to deliver cost-effective quality aluminium extrusions. Our state-of-the-art facilities are capable of producing complex aluminium profiles to meet individual customer requirements and expectations. Our large range of press options enable us to produce complex lightweight profiles and large extrusions weighing up to 100 kg per length with a maximum diameter of 350 mm.

Extrusion die development is a core element of the extrusion process. Our dies are constructed from high quality machine steel manufactured in-house and through qualified partner companies employing the same quality assurance procedures as SMS Schimmer. Our experienced CAD designers and CNC processing techniques have enabled us to perfect the production of extrusion dies with the right balance of metal flow and shape that is essential in producing profiles that meet the most demanding specifications.

The development of energy effcient windows is becoming a primary focus around the world. The introduction of thermally broken extrusions assists in improving not only the performance of the window but enhances the living environment within our homes and reduces energy consumption. The process of creating a thermally broken profile is achieved by the insertion of an insulating material of low thermal conductivity between two thermally conductive materials commonly known as a thermal break. SMS Schimmer can provide the latest in thermal break technologies.


Anodised aluminium has enhanced durability and weather-resistant properties making it ideal for a large number of applications particularly in the building and construction industries. SMS Schimmer is equipped with horizontal anodising facilities and offer customers a wide range of colours such as clear, light bronze, dark bronze and black. The thickness of the aluminium oxide ‘anodised’ coating can be varied by the processing time to suit different applications.

Powder coating consists of a mixture of polymers, pigments and other components, each chosen to achieve the required finish by our customers. The benefits of powder coating are increased durability, gloss retention, resistance to scratching, weather and chalking. Powder coating offers an unlimited range of colours, finishes, glosses and textures and is considered an environmentally friendly finishing process. SMS Schimmer is an approved applicator for well-known powder coating suppliers such as Jotun Powder Coatings and AkzoNobel Powder Coatings. We offer a wide range of colours for architectural, industrial and commercial uses.

Higher performance surface coatings are in high demand for use predominantly in architectural applications. Fluorocarbon coating is the ideal solution for increased resistance to pollution, humidity, abrasions and UV degradation, reducing chalking and fading that are commonplace with other surface treatments. SMS Schimmer offers our customers a broad range of fluorocarbon colours from leading suppliers such as PPG Industrial Coatings, Valspa Corporation, Becker Industrial and Nippon Paint. SMS Schimmer is an approved applicator of PVDF coatings in compliance with AAMA 2605-98 specifications for architectural panels for exterior use.


SMS Schimmer has built a reputation as a trustworthy, quality exporter of aluminium extrusions and manufactured products. We are renowned for our consistency of supply and our ability to adapt to the needs of our overseas customers. Supported by an experienced professional export team, we are committed to providing innovative supply solutions to international markets.

To complement our extrusion and finishing capabilities, SMS Schimmer offer a complete one-stop solution for companies requiring more than just extrusions. Our precision machining division provides cutting, milling, stamping and CNC machining.

SMS Schimmer specialises in the supply of precision aluminium extrusions and machining services to a broad spectrum of automotive and industrial industries. Our experience and exposure to global markets provide customers with the confidence that SMS Schimmer understand their needs in quality and on time delivery, making us a trusted supplier to specialised industry groups.