‘SMS Building Systems Workshop’ organised by Schimmer Metal Standard

12 May 2020

21-26 August 2017

The ‘SMS Building Systems Workshop’ was held by Schimmer Metal Standard on 21 – 26 August 2017 at the Maruay Garden Hotel. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the workshop activities comprised talks and demonstrations on hardware, including how to install the new SMS Building Systems door and window solutions, launched earlier this year. Participants were divided into groups to get a hands-on experience using the real products to assemble the different window and door types, so that they can experience the ease of the assembly process for themselves. Throughout the workshop, advice and tips were given on interesting techniques and the various application possibilities by the company’s team of experts led by Mr David AJ Mckenzie.

The management team and staff at Schimmer Metal Standard would like to offer our sincere thanks to Tangnam Glass, K C Inter Frame, Thaiyong Aluminum, TYK Glass, Thanapat Rungruang, Srangsan Aluminium, Bangyai Aluminium, Suksawat Klung Aluminium (Chincharoen), Rama 2 Metal And Glass, and the Thai Aluminum and Glass Fabricators Trade Association for their interest and participation in this event.